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Project management assistance

A strategic tool for project managers

definition assistance maitrise ouvrage environnemental

What is that ?

Project Management Assistance in Environmental Engineering (PMA-EE) is a delegation of the management of the environmental component of a project.

It is support for the development, management, monitoring and control of projects having an impact on the environment. 

PMA-EE has an advisory and assistance role. He is there to facilitate the completion of a project and, potentially, to reduce delays, costs and risks by supervising all environmental issues.


PMA-EE is at the service of its client, public or private project manager, and may be called upon to assemble the team necessary to achieve the objective.

pourquoi utiliser assistance maitrise ouvrage environnemental

What's the point ?

Supervising all the interventions of the environmental chain makes it possible to be able to anticipate the problems and constraints linked to a project.


Calendar breaks are greatly reduced.


Legal, economic and social risks are seen in their entirety throughout the duration of the project.

competences assistance maitrise ouvrage

Who can do this mission?

The PMA-EE must have technical and pragmatic skills to make the link between the business need and its integration into the environment.

This requires knowledge as well as an extensive scientific and technical network.

deroulement assistance maitrise ouvrage environnemental

How's it going ?

It all starts with a date.


This step is essential for, on the one hand, to get to know each other and, on the other hand, to establish the outlines of the mission.


The following steps are determined according to the degree of complexity of the project.

risques juridiques assistance maitrise ouvrage environnemental

Legal risk

PMA-EE takes legal risks into account at each stage of the project.


Whether upstream in terms of territorial feasibility, or downstream over the estimated duration of possible environmental compensations over several decades.

This last point is particularly taken into account in view of the penal, financial and operational stoppage risk borne by the project manager.

Rapports financiers

When doesPMA-EE intervene?

The PMA-EE intervenes at the beginning of a project, when it must define the site of implantation or before the intervention of any environmental studies (environmental intelligence or impact study).

It is a strategic mission that must be taken into account as early as possible in the project.

tarif assistance maitrise ouvrage environnemental

How much does it cost ?

The PMA-EE is invoiced according to the amount excluding tax of the project and starts from 3.5%.

avantages assistance maitrise ouvrage environnemental

What are the advantages ?

Facilitate the management of the environmental constraints of the project manager by delegating this expertise to PMA-EE.


Save time on the project.

Identify the environmental risks which could delay, block or make impossible the project on a planned site.

Identify and anticipate potential compensatory measures and the additional cost for the project.

Control legal, social, environmental and financial risks.

Bring elements that can be integrated into the project to adapt it to the specificities of the territory and increase its chances of success .

choisir foresteam pour assistance maitrise ouvrage environnemental

Why act with us?

We work in the interest of our customers in an eco-responsible approach.

We respect a code of conduct based on our human values and our professional rigor.  


We have a long-term vision of our actions and our relationships with our customers and partners.


You have the guarantee that our proposals and our actions will be in your interest and that of the environment. We act together to develop biodiversity and reduce climate impact.

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