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Better know your territory to better protect it

The Municipality Biodiversity Atlas (MBA) is an initiative of the french Ministry in charge of Ecology to carry out fauna and flora inventories of a municipality or an inter-municipality.


This initiative follows on from the Rio agreements of 1992 and the actions that followed.

Biodiversity includes all living things and their functioning, including humans.

We offer municipalities a partnership that allows them to have a single point of contact to co-finance and produce their Municipal Biodiversity Atlas.

We offer companies the opportunity to participate in the financing of municipality biodiversity atlas as part of their CSR and eco-responsible business policy. An approach that allows economic actors to support environmental and societal action for the benefit of the community.

How's it going ?

An MBA takes place in several stages spread over 18 to more than 36 months depending on the extent and complexity of the territory.

The main actions are:

  • the inventory of biodiversity, beyond noting that there are "3 trees and 2 birds"

  • local events around biodiversity,

  • on-site and online communications,

  • the public presentation of the report and the transmission of information to the competent authorities.

Technology and expertise?

Human expertise is supported by technologies that increase the quality of the MBAs produced by Foresteam.

Environmental DNA is one of the tools we use, as are the latest digital technologies.

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You are a municipality
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Find out about our solution and the advantages of your Municipality Biodiversity Atlas


Are you a company

Find out how to benefit from CSR data by participating in an exemplary program.

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