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Environmental base for the outdoor hotel industry

An environmental base is a compilation of eco-responsible solutions on which an economic activity arises.  

It brings together the advantages of a reduced, or even compensated, environmental impact with a for-profit entrepreneurial approach on an existing or future site.


Foresteam has developed an offer to support the implementation of solutions to create an eco-responsible base dedicated to outdoor hotels.

Designed as an offer with a drawer, each manager has the freedom to choose the solutions he wants to put in place in his establishment.

Foresteam positions itself as assistant to the project manager to manage the project from A to Z.

We support you on the 4 main axes which are:

- water,

- energy,

- accommodation,

- waste.

You will find examples of the topics covered below.

Gestion de l’eau


Water Management

Treatment of gray water and waste water.

Ecological filtration system for gray water and wastewater allowing the recovery of more than 90% of the water.

Possible use of filtered water of high sanitary quality:

  • watering the green spaces of the site

  • use for cleaning surfaces

  • use for swimming pools

  • own discharge directly into the environment


Use of shower water recycling systems (reduction of water consumption from 300 liters to 15 liters per person per day).


Use of mixers / aerators on the taps.


The different technical solutions do not reduce customer comfort.

Advantages :

  • reduction of the water bill

  • transformation of waste into a resource

  • increase in the brand's eco-responsible image

  • increase in the intangible value of the brand

Example : the installation of a wastewater treatment, recycling and composting unit for a site accommodating 250 people simultaneously over 24 hours costs 252,000 € HT, delivered and put into service. The grants available in the majority of cases represent around 60% of the cost of the project. The final cost for this example is 252,000-151,200 = € 100,800 excl.

pannels dans l'herbe


Energy management


Heat production

  • heat production photovoltaic panel installation

  • installation of a biomass cogeneration boiler

    • production of heat and electricity whatever the weather

    • ash production that can be used for compost or soap production


Electricity production with resale of the surplus.

  • photovoltaic shade house on parking lot

  • specific shade house (depending on the specifics of the site)

  • biomass cogeneration boiler (heat and electricity)


Advantages :

  • production of green energy and resale of the surplus, among other things outside the operating period: Self-consumption and resale.

  • potential resale to EDF at a guaranteed rate over 20 years

  • reduction of the energy bill that can generate a potential profit.

  • increase in the brand's eco-responsible image

  • increase in the intangible value of the brand

Example : a 50-space car park accommodating photovoltaic shades for 200wc:

  • cost: around 220,000 € HT

  • operating cost: around 4.600 € HT / year

  • tax: around € 1,800 / year

  • Option 1: annual income with a total resale contract to EDF for 20 years = approximately € 50,000 / year

  • Option 2: annual income with a contract for the resale of excess consumption to EDF for 20 years = reduction of the electricity bill during the operating period; additional income outside the operating period.

NB : the income generated by photovoltaic production and the contract linked with EDF is subject to specific and individual conditions.

Gestion de l’énergie

Maison de plage

Hébergements éco-responsables


Eco-responsible accommodation

Eco-responsible tourism accommodation takes into account eco-design elements.  

The use of mainly recyclable materials makes it possible to consider the life cycle of accommodation and reduce the environmental impact during recycling.

The use of wood increases the comfort and the brand image of the site.

The materials used and the quality of manufacture allow to benefit from more durable accommodation to be exploited over several decades.

The consideration of insulation allows year-round operation while reducing energy consumption in heating and air conditioning.

Taking into account the construction and layout elements increases the quality of indoor air and reduces the health risks associated with endocrine disruptors for employees as well as for users.

Compost organique

Gestion des déchets


Waste management


Treatment of food waste and organic waste.

Compost production

Possible option to add to the gray and wastewater filtration system to allow the recycling of solids into quality compost. 

Organic waste from the maintenance of green spaces and catering can also be treated by the device, including meat waste.  

Composting can be used to enrich the site's soils and participate in improving the biotope (reduction of phytosanitary products, reduction of water consumption, etc.).

Recycling organic waste drastically reduces the amount of waste to be removed from the site and treated by the municipality.

Management of inorganic waste (reduction of packaging, etc.)


Advantages :

  • site waste reduction

  • transformation of waste into a resource

  • reduction of the operating and rental costs of dumpsters

  • increase in the brand's eco-responsible image

  • increase in the intangible value of the brand

Billets de banque en euro

Financements publiques


Public funding


Research and preparation of public funding files.

Depending on the configuration of the site, its actions and local contacts, investments in favor of the environment may be the subject of local, national and / or European financial aid.

We take these potential aids into account at each stage of setting up your environmental foundation.

Taking into account the territorial particularities of public financial aid, a response will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Ensemble au sommet

Etude et accompagnement


Study and support


You are not alone in front of all the elements to take into account.

We study the specifics of your situation before assisting you in implementing the solutions you have chosen.

Avantages commerciaux

Business Benefits


The implementation of an eco-responsible policy, with concrete and observable actions, meets new consumer expectations.

90% of French people are sensitive to corporate practices to preserve the environment (According to a GoudLink survey: Denjean & Associés)


73% of the companies questioned for a Barclays study believe that the actions implemented in terms of sustainable development have brought them a commercial benefit.


58% of consumers are more likely to buy a company's products or services if they know they are aware of their impact on society and the environment (consumer research conducted by The Natural Marketing Institute).


Consumers are willing to spend up to 20% more on green products and services (consumer research conducted by The Natural Marketing Institute).

Eco-workers, who represented 24% of the population in 2017, are ready to pay 44% more to buy a more environmentally friendly product (Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea (MEEM )).

The wealthiest and most educated segment of the population is ready to pay 34% more (MEEM).


52% of employed adults believe their business should be more environmentally friendly.  


81% of consumers believe companies should take care of the environment - this figure jumps to 85% among millennials (Nielsen Research (2018)).


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