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Environmental intelligence

A strategic tool for project managers

definition intelligence environnementale

What is that ?

Environmental intelligence is a decision-making tool that assesses the chances of success of a project linked to its territory.  

The mission takes into account the environmental, societal, legal and financial constraints of the project to integrate it into the constraints of the biodiversity laws.

It is a strategic service aimed at actors of economic development. They may be prime contractors, companies or public structures that have solar farm projects, wind farms or major works foreseeing a clear impact on biodiversity, for example.

utilité intelligence environnementale

What's the point ?

This is a field study to identify and assess the technical, environmental, social, legal and financial risks in the territory concerned by the project (rejection of permits, additional cost of studies, long and costly compensatory measures, societal sensitivity ...).


By intervening upstream, environmental intelligence maps the risks and sheds light on the best options for the project to save it time, money and credit with the population.


If necessary, environmental intelligence recommends additional sites on the territory, adapted to the constraints of the project and in the interest of the client.

prestataires intelligence environnementale

Who can do this mission?

Environmental intelligence requires knowledge as well as an extensive scientific and technical network.

It is the assembly of an encyclopedia, years of experience and pooling of specialized skills.

It is also a service which requires bringing together transversal skills. This in order to be able to provide the spectrum of possible responses in a given case.

Calling on the Foresteam team is the best option.

programme deroulement intelligence environnementale

How's it going ?

We will follow the following main steps: 

  • Detailed knowledge of the project.

  • Administrative and field assessment

  • Evaluation of ARC (Avoid, Reduce, Compensate) measures.

  • Identification of environmental, societal, legal and financial elements that may have an impact on:

  • obtaining construction or development authorizations

  • the cost of measures to avoid the environmental impact

  • the cost of environmental compensation measures throughout the life of the operation

  • Proposal, possibly, of alternative solutions in the event of identification of significant risks.

  • Proposal, possibly, of actions of environmental, economic and sociological integration of the project on its territory.

contexte juridique intelligence environnementale

Legal framework

The law of August 8, 2016 for the reconquest of biodiversity, nature and landscapes includes strong principles in the environmental code. In particular by the objective of no net loss of biodiversity, or even gain, and the obligation to respect the ERC sequence (avoid, reduce and compensate) for any project impacting biodiversity and the services it provides. If the ERC sequence is not applied satisfactorily, the project cannot be authorized as is.


The ARC (Avoid, Reduce, Compensate) sequence encompasses, in addition to biodiversity, all environmental themes (air, noise, water, soil, population health, etc.).


In the event of the implementation of compensation, the financing, the performance guarantee and the result are the responsibility of the project manager during the entire operating period of the installation or according to the time indicated by the study of impact (30 years being a common duration). 

The criminal, financial and operational stoppage risk borne by the project manager is not negligible and can hover for several decades.

intelligence environnementale

When does environmental intelligence come into play?

Environmental intelligence intervenes before the launch of the environmental impact study (long, expensive, irrevocable).

It must be carried out as early as possible to take into account the particularities of the territory.

tarif intelligence environnementale

How much does it cost ?

An environmental intelligence intervention is evaluated according to the size of the project, the territory concerned and the nature of the project.

The mission time on site and during the study is directly linked to these constraints.  

An estimate is essential.

avantages intelligence environnementale

What are the advantages ?

Save time on the project.

Identify the risks that could delay, block or make impossible the project on a planned site.

Identify potential compensatory measures and the additional cost for the project.

Control legal, social, environmental and financial risks.

Bring elements that can be integrated into the project to adapt it to the specificities of the territory and increase its chances of success.

FORESTEAM intelligence environnementale

Why act with us?

We work in the interest of our customers in an eco-responsible approach.

We respect a code of conduct based on our human values and our professional rigor.  


We have a long-term vision of our actions and our relationships with our customers and partners.


You have the guarantee that our proposals and our actions will be in your interest and that of the environment. We act together to develop biodiversity and reduce climate impact.

prestataire intelligence environnementale

There are no chances,

there are only appointments


Contact us to set an appointment date.

Whether on your premises or on video, we can't wait to get to know you.

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