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Eco-responsible report

A first step for

climate and biodiversity

définition bilan écoresponsable

What is that ?

The eco-responsible balance sheet measures the effect of an activity on the environment by taking into account biodiversity and the climate.

It takes into account the carbon footprint and the study of the impact on biodiversity.

It is a carbon footprint AND an impact assessment on biodiversity.

utilité bilan éco-responsable

What's the point ?

First, the eco-responsible assessment is used to take stock of the impact of an organization on the environment.  

Secondly, it establishes an action plan to reduce, or even compensate for, the impact of the structure on the climate and biodiversity.

Over the following years, this report allows monitoring of the measures taken and their effectiveness.


It is a tool that demonstrates the strong involvement of an organization in its consideration for the environment.

It highlights the eco-responsibility of the structure and the actions it carries out to limit or offset its overall impact.

prestataire bilan écoresponsable

Who can do an eco-responsible assessment?

Particularly technical, the eco-responsible assessment can be carried out internally but we advise you to call on an external service provider.

déroulement bilan écoresponsable

How's it going ?

Our service takes place in 6 stages:

1. Definition of objectives with a single internal interlocutor.

2. Scope of the study (direct and indirect emissions and impact).

3. Data collection and processing.

4. Adapted reduction action plan.

5. Summary of the process.

6. Submission of reports and publication of the results of the GHG assessment in the ADEME database.

réglementation bilan écoresponsable

Legal framework

Depending on the size of the company, taking the environment into account, and therefore biodiversity, is an obligation.

This french obligation is listed: 

  • in the obligatory duty of vigilance for companies with more than 5,000 employees,

  • in the compulsory extra-financial report for companies from 500 employees,

  • in the obligation to compensate for the impact of the activities of the 2016 biodiversity law,


The french legislation requires that greenhouse gas assessments be carried out on companies with more than 500 employees (250 in the overseas regions and departments). The State, regions, departments, metropolises, urban communities, agglomeration communities and municipalities or communities of municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants as well as other legal entities governed by public law employing more than 250 people.

subventions bilan écoresponsable

Is there any financial aid?

Yes, financial aid exists.

BPI France, in particular, subsidizes greenhouse gas emissions assessments when the study is carried out by a service provider that they recognize.

Our team has followed training recognized by ADEME which guarantees that we scrupulously follow the appropriate methods and principles. 

tarif bilan écoresponsable

How much does it cost ?

Our services start from 1,500€ excluding VAT and depend on the complexity of the structure (size, number of sites, etc.)


Taking into account the health and economic situation, we offer 2 means of payment:

  • a price payable in 2 installments (30/70),


  • a monthly rate until the end of the calendar year from 150 € HT / month.

avantages bilan éco-responsable

What are the advantages ?

Benefit from both advantages by carrying out a carbon footprint and a biodiversity impact study.

Increase the value of products or services sold by incorporating a credible environmental dimension.

Display its structure as a link in the chain of eco-responsible service providers (requirements of contractors with a legal obligation to reduce their impact on the environment).  

Show its structure as a credible player in the ecological movement.

Strengthen its eco-responsible image and benefit its principals and customers. It is easier to choose someone good.

The eco-responsible balance sheet is part of the intangible capital of the company and contributes, like the know-how, the capacity for innovation, the CSR approach and customer loyalty, to increasing the value of the structure.

foresteam bilan écoresponsable

Why act with us?

We work in the interest of our customers in an eco-responsible approach.

We respect a code of conduct based on our human values and our professional rigor.  


We have a long-term vision of our actions and our relationships with our customers and partners.


You have the guarantee that our proposals and our actions will be in your interest and that of the environment. We act together to develop biodiversity and reduce climate impact.

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In the jungle of biodiversity,

we are by your side

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